Disturbing Neufert

… always good to disturb dear Neufert when there is some pen and paper …

What is a dinner table, a sofa, a stair, a door, a street, a road, what are the human dimensions, also what are the dimensions of chicken or a pig … how do we eat, work, live, sleep, … Neufert answers everything, we just have to search it on the index.

Disturbing Neufert  neufert-iiiimg_21701 img_21711 img_21721 img_21731img_1911 neufret-4neufert-3 (1)  neufert-21neufert-1img_1910neufert8 neufert2 neufert3 neufert4 neufert5 neufert6 neufert7  neufert1

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Working in between architecture, scenography and illustrations.